Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Criminal Litigation

We represent clients in both the Resident Magistrate’s Court and the Criminal Division of the High Court primarily in the areas of murder, manslaughter, sexual offenses, drug offenses and bail applications.

Company Law

We will incorporate your company and guide you in its establishment. Our aim is to partner with you in bringing together the expertise that best suits your goals so that your company can grow and provide an efficient service to your customers.

Civil Litigation

Scott, Bhoorasingh & Bonnick delivers a comprehensive range of litigation services in the Supreme Court and RM Court including:
☛ Representation in contractual disputes
☛ Employment relations
☛ Personal injuries and Fatal accident claim
☛ Defamation
☛ Landlord and tenant disputes
☛ Debt Recovery

Application for Registered Title

We recognize the benefit of having a Registered Title. If you need to access a loan from Financial Institutions and in particular your National Housing Trust benefit, you may need to have a Registered Title. If you own or reside on property that does not have a Registered Title, let us assist you in obtaining one.

Estate Planning & Wills

We have a proven track record in matters of Conveyance including:
☛ Selling, Buying or Conveying property from one individual to another.
☛ Subdivision of property.
☛ Easy, smooth transactions, with access to professional Surveyors and Valuers.
☛ Step by step guidance through the requirements of the relevant Government entities.
☛ Foreclosures.
☛ Registration of Mortgages.

Real Estate \ Conveyancing

Scott, Bhoorasingh & Bonnick ensures that your children and spouse can build on the assets that you have worked to acquire all your life.
We provide you with:
☛ Advice on how to plan and preserve your assets while minimizing your tax liabilities.
☛ Timely and smooth resolution of your estate at the least cost.
☛ Meaningful wills and trust that move your assets into the 21st century.

Debt Recovery

We help individuals and businesses to recover debts that are owed to them. Our team is dedicated to delivering efficient and cost-effective debt recovery services. With more than thirty years of experience, Scott Bhoorasingh &Bonnick is more than capable of handling your debt recovery.

Family Law

In the sensitive area of Family Law we provide critical representation to clients in diverse matters such as
☛ Divorce
☛ Spousal Support
☛ Child Maintenance
☛ Custody
☛ Legal Guardianship
☛ Paternity
☛ Domestic Violence

Probate of Wills & Letter of Administration

When a person dies leaving a will, it must be probated which means it must be validated by the court. If there is no Will an application must be made to the court for an administrator to be appointed. We are here to help you through this complicated process..